Yesterday I appeared in The Age - one of the main newspapers in Melbourne.

Over the past week, I’ve been taking part in the Myki Android trial which I’m really eager to be officially rolled out.

For those that don’t know, Myki is the smart card ticketing system used for electronic payment of fares on most public transport services in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Myki Android Trial is a beta rollout of loading your Myki via the Google Pay app on your Android smartphone and using your smartphone to “tap” on and off at train stations, buses, etc.

I shared some comments on reddit in a thread asking for people’s experiences, which then led to a DM from a reporter from The Age asking if I was willing to chat about my experience. I was a bit suspicous how legitimate this message was, but out of curiosity I called him and we had a chat.

Later he asked if I was willing to have some photos taken of me tapping my phone at a terminal. Conveniently, The Age’s office is nearby where I work. So I ended up meeting up with a photographer from The Age later that afternoon. We jumped on a nearby Tram and he shot photos of me “touching on” with my phone while people on the tram looked on.

Definitely wasn’t expecting any of this as I was heading to the office that morning!