HACS is the Home Assistant Community Store, that acts as a repository enabling users to download addons into Home Assistant. On this page I will keep track of my apps that appear in HACS:

App Description
Harmony Hub Climate Controller Use a Harmony Hub to control an IR controlled climate device.
Xiaomi Smart Button Appdaemon App Customize what happens in HA when you press a Xiaomi Wireless Switch.
Xiaomi Custom Doorbell Turn a xiaomi wireless switch into a smart doorbell.
ZHA Controlled Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Switch Customise the button events on a Xiaomi Wireless Switch integrated with ZHA
ZHA Controlled Hue Dimmer Switch Customize the buttons on a ZHA controlled Hue Dimmer Switch.
Bring Back group.all_x Brings back group.all_* into Home Assistant for desired domains (light, device_tracker, etc)